Personal: I am an avid rock climber. This passion has spurred my interest in touch and motor control—part of my primary research focus as a (neuro)scientist. However, my interest and enthusiatism extends to include all sorts of science-related stuff, including infrastructures that enable (and grow) science and research, the use of science in policy making, and the advacement of scientific literacy. I grew up in Winnipeg.

Education: I completed a BSc in Psychology at Queen's University where I was supervised by Dr. Ingrid Johnsrude for my honours thesis project. During this time, I also worked with Dr. Ronald Holden. After my undergrad (and prior to starting grad school) I worked with Dr. Ingrid Johnsrude and Dr. Stefan Köhler at Western University as a research assistant. I then completed a PhD in Neuroscience with Dr. Jörn Diedrichsen and Dr. Andrew Pruszynski at Western University. I was funded by NSERC and some of my projects received research funding from BrainsCAN.

Teaching: I have several years of teaching related experience. I've helped design and teach courses in data science, neuroimaging, statistics, and psychology (through this, I too get to learn about cool stuff!). I am currently collaborating with a team at the Centre for Neuroscience Studies (Queen's University) to create a series of short courses on neurotechnology (more info here). These courses are designed to be accessible to learners of all backgrounds and will highlight how we can use neurotechnologies beyond the lab to help tackle real-world problems.

Research: I try to understand how the nervous system processes somatosensory information and controls movement. Read more here.

Spencer Arbuckle    
ORCiD: 0000-0002-5855-6808
cv: pdf